Episode 26 - 1974 Season Review

We started this episode with the meagerest of Braves news: Dansby Swanson will wear number 7 next season and Ronald Acuna is an Australian League All-Star. Our main focus, then, became the 1974 Atlanta Braves, although it's hard to understand that 88 win club without looking at the 1973 and 1975 teams and seeing why Atlanta could not sustain any success. We do a deep dive on Henry Aaron's record breaking 715th home run, reflecting on what a monumental achievement it truly was for Aaron. Yet we wrap the podcast with our thoughts on why the Braves couldn't stay good after 1974, which has a lot to do with bad trades, overinvestment in individual prospects, and a general misapprehension by the Bravos front office about what makes a baseball team good.

William Floyd