Episode 30 - 1991 Season Review

The 1991 Atlanta Braves might be the most exciting Braves team we could possibly discuss. Famously, they went from worst to first and became the first Atlanta team to make it to the World Series. They might also have been Bobby Cox's best single season managerial job, as he spread playing time between players all over the field and coaxed a team of moderate talent to a League Championship. He also managed Terry Pendleton to an MVP. The team was a mixture of mid-level free agent signings that bolstered the team's defense and made life easier for the young pitchers on the squad. Those young pitchers, Steve Avery, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz, all came to life in 1991, as Glavine won the Cy Young and Avery and Smoltz were postseason heroes. Unfortunately, we had to end on that Game 7 in that World Series, but 1991 was just the beginning of something much better.

William Floyd