Episode 67 - Warren Spahn

Since the Braves have absolutely nothing going on at the moment (the investigation is ongoing), we began our offseason project of discussing great players in Braves history. We started with the only one who did not actually play for the Atlanta Braves: Warren Spahn, who pitched in Boston and Milwaukee. We celebrate Spahn's remarkable career, which began in 1942 and was immediately interrupted by combat in World War II. After returning in 1946, Spahn was one of the best pitchers in the game for a decade and a half. His astonishing consistency helped make the Braves real contenders in the 1950s. He also was one of the smartest pitchers in baseball history, famous for his witticisms. We talk about it all, and briefly discuss how an all-time Braves all star team would do against other franchises' squads. Enjoy this history of Warren Spahn with us.

William Floyd