Episode 69 - Hank Aaron

All Major League Baseball is officially done now, and we're waiting on the investigation into the Braves front office. So we just talk about Hank Aaron for awhile. We actually wonder for awhile if one of the best players all time is underrated. On the other hand, even most all-time superstars are not as consistently excellent for 20 years like Hank. We took immense joy reflecting on Aaron's general style, especially his batting swing, which no one should actually try to emulate. As usual, we also take a careful look at his stats. The best part for us is our second (at least) discussion of Aaron hitting 715 off of the Dodgers' Al Downing. There are few greater moments in Atlanta sports history, and Hank Aaron achieved it despite encountering astonishing amounts of racist abuse. It was just the kind of man he was, a true idol on and off the field. And he belongs to the Atlanta Braves.

William Floyd