Episode 74 - Dale Murphy

This week, the Braves picked a hard throwing reliever in the Rule 5 draft and were part of some small rumors. So we went back into our look at Braves' history by discussing Dale Murphy. Murphy is still one of the most beloved players the Braves have ever had. A clean cut, genuinely nice guy, Murph was also a good center fielder and an excellent hitter. Coming to the majors, Dale Murphy was a power hitting catching prospect, who then developed a block when throwing the ball back to the mound. He wound up in centerfield and turned into an MVP candidate. For six years, Murphy was as good as anyone in baseball, but it was really only those six years. He fell off a cliff by his mid-30s, and never even had hang around value at the end of his career. Because of the unusual shape of his career, his Hall of Fame case is hard to decipher. No matter what, though, he's one of the best Braves of all time.

William Floyd