Episode 72 - Rico Carty

Returning to our offseason series on great Braves players in history, we discuss the "Beeg Boy," Rico Carty. There is perhaps no player in baseball history quite like Carty, who was a large Dominican player who hit the ball hard. There have been other players who fit that mold, but no others were cowboy-hat wearing, cigar smoking iconoclasts who referred to themselves in the third person by their nickname and kept their wallet in their back pocket while playing. In addition to being a colorful character, Carty also was one of the more snakebitten players, having missed two separate full seasons, once to tuberculosis and once to a crushed knee. He also had fights with teammates like Hank Aaron, Ron Santo, and Frank Robinson. We had a lot of fun talking about Rico Carty, because it's always fun to talk about Rico Carty.

William Floyd