Episode 75 - Bob Horner

Bob Horner is perhaps one of the great tragic figures in baseball. Horner went straight from being the best player in college baseball to playing in the majors after the Braves selected him number one overall in the 1978 draft. The early years of his career made Horner look like a future superstar. He was an odd looking player, constantly battling weight and injury issues, but he could turn on a fastball as well as anyone. He was a consistent thirty home run hitter, when he could stay healthy enough. Unfortunately, that was always his issue, and he injured his wrist in his best season, 1983. Then, in 1987, Horner was a victim of collusion by MLB's owners, which meant he was the best hitter in Japan for 1987. Horner attempted a comeback with St. Louis in 1988, but injured his shoulder and ended his career at the age of 30.

William Floyd