Episode 32 - 1995 Season Review

We've made it! Finally, we reach the Atlanta Braves one and only World Series Championship team, the 1995 edition. Perhaps fittingly, the Braves won the strike shortened season. Still, they were pretty good, with a lineup infused with young players like Ryan Klesko, Javy Lopez, and Chipper Jones. They also still had Glavine, Maddux, and Smoltz and one heck of a bullpen. Perhaps most impressively, they beat three really good teams in the postseason. In the Division Series (one of the first of its kind), the Bravos dispatched a surprisingly effective Rockies team, while they swept a very capable Reds team in the League Championship Series. Finally, in the World Series, they put away a truly impressive Cleveland Indians squad with multiple future Hall of Famers. And that is how the Atlanta Braves won a World Series.

William Floyd