Episode 36 - 2010 Season Review

The 2010 Atlanta Braves were, frankly, not that great a team. They had the aged Chipper Jones, an in prime Brian McCann, and a promising rookie in Jason Heyward. The rest of the lineup was a bunch of loose parts otherwise. The staff had Tommy Hanson and Tim Hudson, while the bullpen was excellent. But, this was Bobby Cox's last season, and the team made some trades to bolster the lineup with some solid veterans. Somehow, they managed to make it to the postseason as the Wild Card. There, they lost an extremely tight series to the San Francisco Giants. The team was neither that good in the moment nor really built for future success, especially as Jason Heyward would never reach the heights of this year. (We also mentioned Spring Training, but we are NOT going to overreact to Spring Training stats. Seriously. Not getting weird about Ronald Acuna at all.)

William Floyd