Episode 58 - August 4, 2017

The Braves lost 5 out of 6, made no trades at the deadline, and generally seemed underwhelming on the field this week. But there was still a lot of excitement. Ozzie Albies is in the Major Leagues and became the first player born in 1997 to hit a homerun. Lucas Sims made his first Major League start. And on the farm, Ronald Acuna keeps impressing. So we focus very specifically on what the Braves will look like at the start of next season. We don't think Brandon Phillips will be there. We also aren't sure about Nick Markakis. But we can see Matt Adams and R.A. Dickey playing a role. In all, we can see a good product on the field next year, but can't say exactly who might be doing what where. There's also an extended rumination, as always, on the 1991 Braves, because we can't help ourselves.

William Floyd