Episode 81 - 2018 Season Preview: Outfielders

The Major League Baseball season is nearly upon us, and our Season Preview of the Atlanta Braves is hitting its final installment with the Outfield. The weird thing is that the Braves just sent their best outfielder, 20 year old Ronald Acuna Jr to AAA. In all likelihood, Acuna will be back in two weeks, because the team is playing service time games, and he doesn't really have anyone blocking him. Nick Markakis is okay in RF, while Ender Inciarte is a brilliant defensive CF and a solid bat. LF will be sorted out be the end of April. At the very end of this episode, we make our predictions for the Braves' final record, while also elucidating what a best case scenario looks like. The best part is that baseball is almost here.

William Floyd