Episode 83 - April 7, 2018

Somehow, after one week of the regular season, the Atlanta Braves possess the best offense in all of Major League Baseball. And they did all this despite the fact that Ronald Acuna, Jr, is still not a Major Leaguer and Ozzie Albies hasn't been hitting. Somehow the veterans, guys like Nick Markakis, Ryan Flaherty, and Preston Tucker, are leading the charge. Oh, and Freddie Freeman is being treated like 2001 era Barry Bonds. The starting pitching has been workable, the bullpen has been astonishingly good, and the Braves are 4-2. We aren't overreacting, so much as we're trying to think what one week of baseball says about the rest of the season. The big news is that we really love to watch this team.

William Floyd