October 11 - 1531 - Huldrych Zwingli Dies in Battle

Huldrych Zwingli was the first major Protestant Reformer in Switzerland. Although Zwingli began his Reformation after Martin Luther's in Germany, Zwingli was something else altogether. Originally a Catholic Priest who served as a military chaplain, Zwingli was a singular parish priest. He would read the Bible from the pulpit with a running commentary, which largely consisted of pointing out where he disagreed with the Church. Zurich found him alluring, but other Swiss Cantons were less sure. Zwingli never backed down and found himself in open conflict with the Catholic Cantons of the Swiss Confederation. This would lead to full military conflict and eventually the death of Zwingli in battle. Although his reformation ideas would continue, the militarism would recede and the Swiss cantons would allow for a small measure of religious tolerance after Zwingli's death.

William Floyd