October 17 - 1931 - Al Capone is Convicted of Tax Evasion

Al Capone was well known as the leader of the Chicago Outfit, the main criminal organization that ran illegal liquor and other illicit enterprises in Chicago in the 1920s. There was a long list of illegal activities, criminal enterprises, and bloody murders that everyone in Chicago and the country knew were the responsibility of Al Capone. Yet authorities never could convict Capone of anything too serious, because he insulated himself from actual responsibility and had the best legal team possible. Federal authorities decided to pursue a novel course of action. They prosecuted him for never paying taxes on his obviously large income. Capone would end up in Federal Prison on an 11 year sentence, but was released after eight years due to the effects of syphilitic dementia. Organized crime would continue, but now had to launder money to keep making money.

William Floyd