October 21 - 1867 - The Medicine Lodge Treaty is Signed

The Medicine Lodge Treaty was supposed to settle conflicts between the United States government and the Comanche, Kiowa, Apache, and Arapahoe tribes. The idea was that the Native American groups would be restricted to reservations in Indian Territory, what is now Oklahoma, and live "civilized" lives like Americans in the east. Initially, the reservations were large, but the various Native American tribes fought being placed there. After various skirmishes and battles, most tribes gave up and moved to reservations. The U.S. Government kept ignoring their promises. So in 1902, a Kiowa Chief named Lone Wolf sued the Department of the Interior. Although the Supreme Court heard Lone Wolf v. Hitchcock, it ultimately ruled that the U.S. Congress had the power to abrogate any treaties with Native American tribes.

William Floyd