October 22 - 1844 - The Great Disappointment

William Miller was a lay preacher who had studied the Bible and predicted that the Second Coming of Jesus would occur on October 22, 1844. He used a prophetic reading of the Bible, seeing every verse as a guide to the future, and from that developed a complicated and exacting system that used the Book of Daniel to describe when exactly Christ's Second Coming would be. This teaching was incredibly appealing to many people, and, thanks to a publisher named Joshua Vaughan Himes, Miller's ideas developed a significant following. Although he gave two earlier dates, all of the Millerites were certain October 22, 1844, was the true date. The Great Disappointment did cause many people to abandon Miller's other teachings, but remarkably many other people tried to figure out what the event of October 22, 1844 actually meant.

William Floyd