October 23 - 1935 - The Killing of Dutch Schultz

As far as gang leaders of the 1930s go, Dutch Schultz leaned more to the brutish end. He was a narcotics trafficker, bootlegger, and racketeer, but the main defining feature of his career was a ruthless brutality. This made him a target for authorities as well as an opponent of other gang leaders. These two facts would come together to end Schultz' life. U.S. Attorney Thomas E. Dewey began targeting Schultz above others, because as a Jewish mobster he had less connections than Italian gangsters and as an obnoxious thug he had few friends among Jewish gangsters. Schultz then asked the Mafia Commission to place a hit on Dewey. The Commission turned it around on Schultz and ordered their hit squad Murder, Inc. to take him out. This assassination would set a new precedent for how the Mafia dealt with authorities and themselves.

William Floyd