October 26 - 1979 - The Assassination of Park Chung-Hee

Park Chung-Hee, the President of South Korea, was killed by his close associate and old friend Kim Jae-Kyu, the Director of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency. Park Chung-Hee was the kind of figure who was a ripe target for assassination, as he was a strongman that had taken on dictatorial powers and faced serious backlash among political opponents. Kim Jae-Kyu was not a political opponent of Park Chung-Hee, but instead ran the KCIA as Park's secret police under the draconian Yushin constitution. Most likely, Kim Jae-Kyu targeted Park Chung-Hee's bodyguard Cha Ji-Chul, who was taking over Kim's spot as the chief advisor to the President. But Kim Jae-Kyu would say during his trial he acted as a patriot who acted on behalf of democracy, not that these statements saved him from being hanged. With all of this conflicting evidence, the actual motive of Kim Jae-Kyu may never be determined.

William Floyd