October 6 - 1981 - The Assassination of Anwar Sadat

Anwar Sadat was Egypt's third president, and a significant presence in the history of the Middle East. Yet his exact legacy contains many contradictory achievements, most notably leading Egypt in its greatest military victory over Israel and negotiating the most significant treaty between Egypt and Israel. That peace treaty, known as the Camp David Accords, would be lauded by much of the world, leading to Sadat becoming the first Muslim Nobel Laureate when he shared the Peace Prize with Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and U.S. President Jimmy Carter. In Egypt and the Arab world, however, there was intense backlash. While Sadat cracked down on Islamist parties, he missed the Jihadist cell in his own army. So during a parade celebrating Egypt's victory in the Yom Kippur War, soldiers assassinated Anwar Sadat.

William Floyd