November 10 - 1969 - The First Episode of Sesame Street Premieres

Before Sesame Street premiered, children's television was basically an afterthought. Some programming was simply basic children's entertainment thrown on a screen, which kids liked, but had no other value. Attempts at educational television were usually quite dull, focusing on the learning with little concern for the quality of the programming. Sesame Street was the attempt to change this. Joan Ganz Cooney, a documentary producer, partnered with the Carnegie Foundation to establish the Children's Television Workshop. Before the actual show was even made, CTW made sure to have volumes of research behind them about how kids learned. Then, as the show was being made, more research was done to specifically gather information about the show itself. This meant that Sesame Street became what it was meant to be, a simultaneously entertaining and educational show, and then went on to be a cultural touchstone.

William Floyd