November 11 - 1918 - An Armistice Ends Fighting in World War I

The actual Armistice that famously began on "the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" was something both sides knew was coming for over a month. By late September 1918, the German Army knew they could fight no longer, and a ceasefire had been in effect since September 29. In the midst of European wide social unrest, Germany experiences a revolution itself, which sees Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicate the throne and the end of the German Empire. So the Germans agreed to rather extreme terms, because they had no other option. The Americans wanted Germany to accept conditions based on the Fourteen Points of Woodrow Wilson, while the other Allies wanted to see the German army destroyed. They all got their wish with the Treaty of Versailles, but the Armistice that ended fighting in the War to End All Wars set conditions that led to a Second World War.

William Floyd