November 16 - 1989 - The Killing of Six Jesuit Priests of the Universidad Centroamericano

The Salvadoran Civil War was essentially a series of paramilitary actions, killing left-wing groups and anyone perceived as an enemy. Yet the murder of six priests and scholars, as well as their housekeeper and her daughter, at the Universidad Centroamericano by the Salvadoran Army's Atlacatl Batallion was something particularly horrifying. Part of it was that this killing took place a full decade after the Civil War actually began, but it also was that killing six priests in a reckless and bloody manner was a bridge too far. The desire for a peace accord was strengthened in its aftermath, although this caused paramilitary action to increase. A trial was actually convened in 1990 and found two military officers guilty of the murders, but after the Chapultepec Peace Accords ended the Salvadoran Civil War, they got out. Still, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission absolutely pinned the blame on the Atlacatl Batallion.

William Floyd