November 24 - 1971 - D.B. Cooper Hijacks Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305

On Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305 from Portland to Seattle on November 24, 1971, a well dressed middle aged man told the flight attendant he had a bomb and was hijacking the plane. He asked for a large amount of money, four parachutes, and the flight crew to take him to Mexico at low speed and low altitude. Before the plane got to a refueling stop in Reno, he jumped about the plane's aft stairs. He bought his ticket with the name Dan Cooper, but would become known as D.B. Cooper thanks to confusion by a reporter on a deadline. No one knew what happened to D.B. Cooper after he jumped from the plane, nor even who he was when he bought his ticket. Only a few degraded bills from his ransom money has been found, and it's hard to say where he even jumped precisely. All of which has made the D.B. Cooper story an endless source of fascination.

William Floyd