November 6 - 1869 - The First College Football Game

In the fall of 1869, Rutgers University and what would become Princeton University agreed to meet in a football game. This was the first time two schools had ever met in such a contest, and the rules did not bear much resemblence to modern American football. It was played more like a much more violent form of soccer or like a Rugby game where no one could run with the ball. Twenty five people were on the field for each side, and the basic idea was simply to move the ball over a line, while preventing the other team from doing the same. The game was played to ten cumulative points, with Rutgers winning 6 to 4 through better technical skill. In a rematch at Princeton a week later, Princeton would win 8 to 0, concluding the season. While this form of the game would not stay, the template for college football had been set.

William Floyd