December 11 - 1978 - The Lufthansa Heist

The Lufthansa heist was one of the great crimes of the twentieth century, as it took less than an hour to take almost six million dollars from a vault at Kennedy Airport in New York and no one was ever convicted of a crime related to the heist. Yet the masterminds would almost immediately be recognized as Jimmy Burke and Henry Hill, two associates of the Luchhese crime family. Although the surveillance by police and federal authorities could not result in an actual arrest, Burke grew paranoid and began killing close associates. Once Henry Hill was arrested on an unrelated narcotics charge, wiretaps of Burke discussing murdering Hill and Burke's own bizarre behavior made Hill turn on his associates. Everything that happened after meant that no one would be charged with the Lufthansa heist, almost all of the people ended up either dead, in jail, or on the run.

William Floyd