December 27 - 1521 - The Zwickau Prophets Arrive in Wittenberg

The Zwickau Prophets were three men who were much more radical in their idea of religion than the Reformation inaugurated by Martin Luther in 1521. The three lay preachers, not always easily identified outside of their leader Nicholas Storch, argued that their authority stemmed from divine revelations received directly from the Holy Spirit. This was a direct challenge on Luther's idea of deriving Christian doctrine solely from Scripture. On the other hand, when the Zwickau Prophets came to Wittenberg, Luther was hiding from Imperial authorities in the Wartburg Castle at the time and challenging the Zwickau Prophets proved difficult without Luther. So the Elector of Saxony allowed Luther to return to Wittenberg to fend off the challenge of the Zwickau Prophets.

William Floyd