December 30 - 1977 - Ted Bundy Escapes From Jail in Colorado

Ted Bundy was one of the most notorious serial killers in American history. Partly it was because Bundy killed an astonishing amount of people, but mostly it was because Bundy's crimes were the most brazen acts. Bundy also dramatically escaped from jail while on trial for murder for the first time. He grew up in Washington State, began committing murders there, then moved to Utah and continued committing kidnapping and murder. He would be put in jail in Utah for a kidnapping where the victim got away, but then he would be put on trial for a murder in Colorado. Due to his usual modus operandi, kidnapping young women in public, leaving little trace evidence, and taking the victims to remote locations to kill them, Bundy might have gotten away without a murder charge because it would have been hard to prove. Bundy decided to flee from jail in Colorado, however, then he would make his way to Florida, where he would commit the crime spree that he would be executed for in 1989.

William Floyd