August 7 - 1970 - Marin County Courthouse Kidnapping and Shootout

Jonathan Jackson was seventeen years old when he entered a courtoom in Marin County, California, carrying multiple firearms. He then handed off weapons to the convict on trial, James McClain, as well as two other convicts who were testifying in McClain's trial. The four assailants then took Judge Harold Haley, a Deputy District Attorney, and three jurors hostage, and slowly moved them to the front of the courthouse. Their stated goal was to free the "Soledad Brothers," three prisoners accused of murdering a corrections officer, one of whom was Jonathan Jackson's older brother George, a goal assisted by the radical academic Angela Davis. Jonathan Jackson and James McClain would be killed by police as they attempted to leave the scene with their hostages, while Angela Davis would be found Not Guilty of all charges.

William Floyd