January 25 - 1533 - The Marriage of Henry VIII of England and Anne Boleyn

When Henry VIII of England married Anne Boleyn, much more happened than just a royal wedding. Henry's marriage to Anne was the cause of the English Reformation, which saw England leave the Catholic Church and placed the monarch of England at the head of the Church of England. It also was years in the making, as Henry had to figure out how to end his first marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Henry argued that it was because Catherine had married his deceased elder brother that he only had one child, a daughter, from Catherine's multiple pregnancies. He also began seeing Anne Boleyn, who was vivacious, stimulating, and younger. Anne Boleyn also introduced Henry to people interested in Lutheran ideals, men like Thomas Cranmer and Thomas Cromwell. Eventually, he would decide to ignore the Pope, who said he could not annul his marriage, and split the Church in England from the Roman Catholic Church. This would allow him to be the Head of the Church of England and marry Anne Boleyn.

William Floyd