January 26 - 1998 - Bill Clinton Denies Having a Relationship with Monica Lewinsky

Rumors of affairs and sexual liasions had dogged Bill Clinton since well before he became President. By late 1997, a court case brought by a woman named Paula Jones had revealed that a former White House intern named Monica Lewinsky was discussing her affair with the President. This information was revealed by a former Civil Servant named Linda Tripp, who recorded her conversations with Lewinsky and gave those tapes to special Independent Counsel Ken Starr and Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff. Ken Starr brought Lewinsky up on charges of perjury, while Isikoff wrote a story that could not be published due to a lack of verifiable sources. Nonetheless, the online outlet The Drudge Report said that Newsweek had the story. That made Bill Clinton vehemently deny he ever had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky. Eventually, Lewinsky would be offered immunity, Bill Clinton would give a deposition denying a sexual relationship, and the US House would bring impeachment proceedings against Clinton.

William Floyd