October 10 - 732 - The Battle of Tours

The Battle of Tours would become one of those historical events that was a famous turning point in history. In that narrative, Tours represented the furthest reach of Muslim invasions into Europe in the Middle Ages. The Frankish commander, Charles Martel, the "Hammer," would become the hero of Western Christianity for pushing back the Muslim forces and defeating Muslim commander Abdul Rahman, who died on the battlefield. The actual historical record of what happened on the battlefield is thin and contradictory, as both sides said they were severely outnumbered. The most clear element of the Battle of Tours, though, was that Muslim armies remained mostly on the Iberian Peninsula and made few attempts to expand their territory. Charles Martel, officially the Mayor of the Palace rather than the Frankish King, would consolidate his authority over much of Western Europe. All of which can be traced to Charles' victory at Tours over Abdul Rahman.

William Floyd