October 12 - 1492 - Christopher Columbus Lands in the Bahamas

When Christopher Columbus' first voyage reached land, he managed to change the world forever. By hitting the island he called San Salvador, although the native Taino called it Guanahani, Columbus inaugurated the Columbian exchange, whereby the good, foods, and people of previously separated continents went across the globe. Columbus was not a hero even to the men underneath him or the Monarchs of Spain he sailed for, Ferdinand and Isabella. He was an egotistical blowhard whose understanding of the world, that it was much smaller than thought, made him the only person who believed he would hit Asia easily by sailing west from Europe. Everyone else thought he would die on the open seas. With a promise he would become Admiral of the Ocean Sea and General of whatever land he could claim, Columbus was motivated on his voyage. During the voyage, the Pinzon brothers, who were the captains of two of Columbus' three ships, stopped mutinies against Columbus. He had just days to find land before turning back to Spain when land was spotted. Once Columbus landed in the Americas, not that he ever thought he did, the world would never be the same.

William Floyd