October 3 - 1995 -The OJ Simpson Verdict

OJ Simpson, football star, actor, and pitch man, was one of the most famous people in America in 1994. Then his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson was murdered along with her houseguest Ron Goldman, and OJ Simpson became the prime suspect. With an obsessively watched low speed chase in a White Ford Bronco before he turned himself in, Simpson became the most infamous person in America. Throughout his lengthy trial, news channels covered each in and out obsessively. It appeared to most commentators that Simpson was guilty, as the Prosecutors' had eyewitnesses, physical evidence, and DNA. Yet in a backdrop of intense racial unrest in Los Angeles, OJ Simpson's "Dream Team" of lawyers began poking holes in the prosecution's case. When the jury announced they had a verdict after just four hours, observers were floored. Then they announced they unanimously found OJ Simpson Not Guilty. In a later civil trial, Simpson would be found liable. 13 years to the day after the murder case's verdict, Simpson was found guilty of armed robbery in a Las Vegas burglary of sports memorabilia, sending him to jail for nine years.

William Floyd