October 7 - 1916 - Georgia Tech Defeats Cumberland 222-0

The worst loss in college football history began with a baseball game. In a matchup in the 1916 baseball season, Cumberland College beat Georgia Tech 22 to 0, almost certainly through the use of dressing a professional team in Cumberland's uniforms. This angered and humiliated Georgia Tech's coach John Heisman, who was also the football coach and athletic director. Therefore, when Cumberland was scheduled to play Georgia Tech in Atlanta in football, he insisted they play or pay a sizable sum to cover lost revenue, despite the fact that Cumberland had dissolved their football team. John Heisman was already a college football legend, bringing innovations to the game like the forward pass, the snap, and coordinated blocking. And when he faced Cumberland, he refused to take it easy. Cumberland never had a first down, because they couldn't make it. Georgia Tech never had a first down, because they kept scoring touchdowns. In the end, the Georgia Tech team would demolish Cumberland as the most impressive victory in an unbeaten streak, winning by a score of 222-0.

William Floyd