November 13 - 1982 - Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini Fatally Injures Kim Duk-Koo

Boxing has always had its share of violent injuries, and even deaths. But when Korean fighter Kim Duk-Koo collapsed after losing by technical knockout to Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini in a WBA Lightweight title match, his death four days later would trigger serious changes. Mancini was a second generation boxer who was a 21 year old champion and future star in 1982. His opponent at Ceasars Palace in November of 1982 was a lightly regarded and barely known Korean fighter who had grown up extremely poor and found a way to success through boxing. The match was closer than many commentators believed it would be, with Kim closing Mancini's eye early in the match. After the 10th round, however, the champion took the upper hand, and Mancini began to land flurries of punches on Kim. In the 14th, Mancini landed a hard right, missed with a left, and then knocked Kim down with another right. Kim would pull himself up on the ropes, but referee Richard Green stopped the match. Kim instantly collapsed and died four days later. His mother would commit suicide three months later, while Richard Green would also kill himself the following June. Ray Mancini would seem forever haunted by Kim's death. Boxing overall decided to make a wide range of changes that protected boxers' health.

William Floyd