November 26 - 1922 - The Discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb

Tutankhamun was a boy Pharoah who ruled Egypt in the 14th century BCE for about ten years, and overall did not stand out that much in Egyptian history. Once his tomb was discovered, intact and full of treasures, Tutankhamun would become one of the symbols of Ancient Egypt. The discovery of the tomb goes to the genius of Howard Carter, a brilliant archaeologist and Egyptologist, and the funding of Carter's excavations by Lord Carnarvon. Carter waited for Carnarvon to come to Egypt before he would actually open the tomb. It turned out Carter's thought about the value of the tomb was correct. Tutankhamun, rechristened as "King Tut," would travel the world with his funerary artifacts three millenia after his death, making the world learn more about Ancient Egypt.

William Floyd