November 27 - 1978 - The Assassination of George Moscone and Harvey Milk

Dan White did not fit the typical profile of an assasin. Most strikingly, he was a former member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, serving under one victim, Mayor George Moscone, and alongside his other victim, Supervisor Harvey Milk. This fact would make the act shocking with no other context, but actually every other context made the killing of Moscone and Milk more bizarre. Most importantly, Harvey Milk was the first openly gay politician elected to a seat for the first time when he became a Supervisor. Moscone's death led to San Francisco gaining its first female mayor, Dianne Feinstein, who would later become a Senator from California. More notably, White would only be convicted of "involuntary manslaughter," due to a successful argument by his lawyers that White was in a diminished mental state. The verdict would cause riots in San Francisco, and White would later commit suicide after he served his jail sentence.

William Floyd