November 28 - 1843 - Hawaiian Independence Day

The Kingdom of Hawai'i had been unified and ruled by one monarch from 1810, with the Kamehameha dynasty asserting its authority on an international level. So when an Anglo-Franco Proclamation recognized Hawai'i's sovereignty in 1843, the act might have seemed a bit overdue. Actually, though, King Kamehameha III carefully cultivated this proclamation through diplomatic efforts in order to guarantee the safety of his nation after a handful of international incidents. Part of the larger effort by Kamehameha III was the creation of a new constitution, providing for a constitutional monarchy rather than his predecessors' absolute monarchy. Kamehameha III also guaranteed religious liberty for Catholics in Hawai'i and worked to have actual international diplomacy. So even though Hawai'i did not need to declare indpendence, the Anglo-Franco Proclamation ensured exactly what Kamehameha III had been working to achieve.

William Floyd