February 12 - 1733 - James Oglethorpe Founds the Colony of Georgia

James Oglethorpe launched the Colony of Georgia as a way to help people in debtors' prison, and he carefully designed a plan for the colony which sought "agrarian equality." This utopian colony outlawed slavery, alcohol, and large landholdings, while also carefully selecting the "worthy poor" to be the original colonists. On the other hand, the British crown and government agreed to found the colony because Georgia would be a buffer zone between Spanish Florida and the British colonies in Carolina. Although Oglethorpe implemented his initial plan in the city of Savannah, featuring characteristic squares, the sense of practicality would win out in Georgia. Slavery would be allowed within a decade and the colony became devoted to being a moneymaking opportunity. None of that was possible, though, except with the initial leadership of James Oglethorpe.

William Floyd