February 18 - 1943 - Joseph Goebbels Gives the Sportpalast Speech

Joseph Goebbels, as the Reich Minister for Propaganda for the Nazi regime, was one of the spectacular propagandists in history. He was at Hitler's side from 1924 and helped craft the Nazi Party's message through their rise to power. By delivering prepared speeches, crafting messages on the glory of Germany, and embedding anti-Semitism into everything the Nazi Party did, Goebbels was invaluable to Hitler's aims and politics, and people followed Goebbels' line. Yet when the war started turning against the Nazis in 1943 after the Battle of Stalingrad, Goebbels message has to shift slightly, which illustrates the weakness of his propaganda. At a speech in the Berlin Sportpalast, Goebbels called for total war to turn the tide against Germany's failures, while also trying to blame "International Jewry" and hyping the belief that the German nation would obviously prevail. This obvious and undeniable contradiction shows that there were cracks in the Nazi's propaganda.

William Floyd