February 19 - 1942 - Franklin Roosevelt Signs Executive Order 9066

Executive Order 9066, signed into law by President Franklin Roosevelt a month and a half after the attack on Pearl Harbor, allowed the Secretary of War to create "military exclusion zones" that any enemy aliens could be removed from during the war effort. Specifically, though, the order was created to target Japanese-Americans and remove Japanese-Americans from their homes to concentration camps. The order was done entirely from a place of racial animus, as there was literally no evidence that any Japanese-Americans were engaged in espionage or sabotage on behalf of the Empire of Japan. In the camps, which were in remote areas, people managed to persevere in their own ways, building communities in internment camps. Many Japanese-Americans would actually volunteer to serve in the US Army, forming a unit, the 442nd Regiment, that would be among the most decorated in the war. The internment of Japanese Americans ended with two confusing Supreme Court decisions that said Roosevelt's order was Constitutional, but that citizens could not be held unless proved to be disloyal.

William Floyd