February 23 - 1917 - The February Revolution Begins in Russia

In the first two decades of the twentieth century, dissatisfaction with the Russian government was widespread among the Russian populace. While the First World War offered a brief reprieve, the administration of the government by the Tsar during the War proved even more problematic. After heading for the front lines, and messing the war effort up from there, Tsar Nicholas II left his wife, the Tsarina Alexandra, in charge of domestic policies. She did, if possible, even worse than her husband in running the government. So the Russian people rose up against the government. Largely, it was an almost spontaneous mass movement that begin with strikes and then protests against rationing on International Women's Day. WIthin a week, the Tsar would abdicate and the Russian Provisional Government would take over. Their rule would only last for eight months, until the October Revolution put the Bolsheviks in charge.

William Floyd