February 26 - 1993 - The World Trade Center Bombing

When a truck bomb went off in the underground parking garage for the World Trade Center, six people died and over a thousand were injured, while power was out in a large segment of Lower Manhattan. The urea-nitrate bomb was planted by a man named Ramzi Yousef. Yousef was a terrorist related to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, but was also probably building up this plot largely on his own. He had recently come to America from a terrorist training camp in Pakistan, where his family was from and where he had spent time growing up. His intention always seemed to be to plant a bomb somewhere, and he gathered a group of followers. They weren't the cleverest group of criminals, as they rented the truck in someone's real name, claimed it was stolen, and went to retrieve the deposit. As the van was already traced, the plotters were discovered. Ramzi Yousef, though, was able to leave the country and then traveled throughout the world exploding bombs until he was arrested in Pakistan in 1997.

William Floyd