March 16 - 1872 - The First FA Cup Final

The Football Association Challenge Cup was the first attempt to have a competition between the member clubs of the Football Association, which codified a form of football from games played at English public schools in the previous decade. Although the FA Cup would become a massive tournament, the first edition reflected the state of the game at the time. Fifteen football clubs participated in total, although the FA had fifty member clubs. Additionally, the bracket was irregular in many ways, as teams who drew automatically went to the next round and some teams got byes and "walkovers," which really meant forfeits due to logistics. By the time the Final arrived in March, the Wanderers were due to face the Royal Engineers at Kennington Oval, better known and better attended as the ground for Surrey County Cricket Club. After fifteen minutes, the Wanderers' Morton Betts, using the pseudonym "A.H. Chequer," scored the game's first goal, which would stand as the only goal, giving Wanderers the victory. That would be the very first FA Cup championship.

William Floyd