March 18 - 1990 - The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Art Heist

When two men dressed in police uniforms asked to be let in to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston at 1:24 AM, the young security guard thought nothing of letting them into the museum. The problem was that they weren't police, but were instead thieves seeking to steal priceless works of art. Immediately, they tied up the two security guards in the basement, then spent well over an hour taking art literally off the walls. In total, they took 13 works of art, subsequently valued at over $500 million. The thieves were clearly not well versed in art or the museum's collection, as they ignored the Museum's most important pieces and physically cut out Rembrandt's Storm on the Sea of Galilee from its frame, reducing its value. They still managed to take Johannes Vermeer's The Concert, one of a handful of Vermeer works in the world, as well as many other valuable pieces of art. In the immediate aftermath, all leads pursued by the FBI turned out to be useless. Multiple suspects and theories have been put forward, but the missing artwork has never been found. The FBI did claim that they know who did it, but did not release names and said that they were deceased. Every year, the Museum still releases a statement asking for information.

William Floyd