March 6 - 1836 - The Battle of the Alamo

"Remember the Alamo" became a rallying cry for the Texas Revolution almost as soon as it concluded. Interestingly, it was remembered as a noble stand by legendary heroes. In reality, the Alamo was a poor military decision that should never have happened. The Battle of the Alamo saw about 200 or so Texan defenders stand their ground against a few thousand Mexican troops under President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna in an old colonial mission. They never stood a chance, even though Santa Anna probably should have ignored the Alamo and even the town of San Antonio de Bexar on his march into Texas. Texan Commander Sam Houston even sent James Bowie to the Alamo to have it evacuated and destroyed. Instead, Bowie stayed and, like everyone else in the Alamo, died after a 10 day siege when Santa Anna finally decided to attack the building on the early morning of March 6. Santa Anna's refusal of any surrender terms and decision to kill everyone in the Alamo makes him a villain in Texas. His incompetence would see his defeat a month and a half later at the Battle of San Jacinto.

William Floyd