April 19 - 1995 - The Oklahoma City Bombing

When a truck bomb went off by the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, one-third of the building was blown apart. Although sorting the debris, finding survivors, and locating remains took days, the devastation was immediately apparent. Also, the evidence surrounding the truck bomb directly leads to the identification of Tim McVeigh as the bomber. Coincidentally, Tim McVeigh was pulled over in Perry, Oklahoma for driving without a license plates and was subsequently arrested on a concealed weapons charge. McVeigh did very little to deny his guilt, and Federal authorities also focus on McVeigh's accomplice Terry Nichols. McVeigh's rationale for bombing a Federal building would quickly be unraveled. McVeigh was heavily influenced by the right wing militia movement and white nationalist ideology, especially the writings of William Luther Pierce, which discussed a coming revolutionary race war that would overthrow the Federal government. McVeigh even wanted to say he had to bomb a Federal building out of necessity. Instead, he was easily found guilty and sentenced to death, a sentence carried out in 2001.

William Floyd