April 30 - 1945 - Adolf Hitler Commits Suicide

Adolf Hitler shot himself shortly after taking a cyanide capsule in his Führerbunker in Berlin when the Red Army was about to come upon him anyway. He had been staying underground for over three months by that point, and he largely committed suicide simply so that when Nazi Germany was defeated he would not be taken by enemies. The killing of Benito Mussolini by Italian partisans on April 28 seemed to have strengthened his resolve to kill himself. In the Führerbunker, Hitler began to put his affairs in order. First, he married his longtime partner Eva Braun. Then he dictated a last will and testament to his secretary. Finally, after hearing that Berlin could no longer be defended, Hitler and Braun committed suicide together. This did not actually end the war, but it was only a matter of time. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's closest associate and the Reichsminister for Propaganda, became head of Nazi Germany for a day before he too killed himself alongside his wife and his children. Then Admiral Karl Donitz announced Hitler was dead and that Nazi Germany was ready for surrender. A surrender which would not allow Hitler to be brought to justice for everything he did.

William Floyd