May 13 - 1990 - The Dinamo Zagreb-Red Star Belgrade Riot

Throughout the 1980s, there were a series of violent clashes between supporters in European football, and Dinamo Zagreb and Red Star Belgrade had been longstanding rivals in the Yugoslav First League. Yet when their match in May 1990 saw a riot break out, this was something more than football hooliganism. Just a week prior, Croatia had multi-party elections for the first time in years, and with Franjo Tudman's Croatian Democratic Union winning it appeared that Croatia would break apart from the rest of Yugoslavia. So the ethnic and religious tensions that had always been present between Croatia and Serbia were about to erupt, and the best team in Croatia met the best team in Serbia on the football pitch. Except, actually, the two teams ultras groups, Dinamo's Bad Blue Boys and Red Star's Delije, met each other in a riot on the pitch. The Delije were led by Zjelko Raznatovic, better known as Arkan, a career criminal who would lead the notorious Serb Volunteer Force in the wars to come. On the pitch, Dinamo's captain Zvonomir Boban would kick a policeman, becoming a Croatian folk hero in the process. This riot would mark the beginning of violence in the dissolution of Yugoslavia.

William Floyd