May 23 - 1934 - The Killing of Bonnie and Clyde

There were few more notorious and wanted outlaws in 1934 than Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, which says alot. Once they were being tracked it was inevitable they would be killed, either by law enforcement in a shootout or in the electric chair. Although they developed a more romantic reputation posthumously, the basic facts about Bonnie and Clyde were that they were very young, extremely violent, and prolifically criminal. The M.O. of their gang was to rob stores and steal cars, then cross state lines to get away and be able to go on another crime spree. After a shootout with cops in Joplin, Missouri, Bonnie and Clyde became famous because of recovered photographs, poetry written by Bonnie, and photographs taken by the gang. In a subsequent shootout, Clyde's brother Buck would be mortally wounded, and in the next shootout, Buck and his wife Blanche would be captured. On returning to Texas, associate W.D. Jones was caught by police, and turned on Bonnie and Clyde. Now they had a final crime spree, killing multiple law enforcement officers. Finally, while visiting the family of gang member Henry Methvin in Louisiana, Bonnie and Clyde were shot by the posse led by former Texas Ranger Frank Hamer.

William Floyd